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Piano is a brilliant musical instument that millions of people attracted to its sound. This fruit of modern science includes various parts which are quite delicate and some are extreamly strong. Piano House works on repairing, tuning, regulating and tone regulating on every one and recovers it to the best condition. Please visit and try our upright grand pianoes.


The definition of piano tuning is to adjust pitches on each string. But in our piano tuning service, piano's entire condition is evaluated whether the piano is sounding properly, each key moves equally, and all parts are functioning. This annual operation which would affect piano's sound and life if skipped for a long time is very important for a piano. Piano House would be happy to work on you piano.


Piano is a tough instrument and can last for a long time. Also there are delicate parts in it, too. That is why maintenance is sometimes needed when surface has scraches and damages, and when inner parts are depleted. These result users to be frastrated to play the piano. Piano House's technical members are well trained and eligible for entire piano restoration.


Piano is an expensive instrument, generally. Possiblly difficult for those who have limited time, space and budget. Piano House offers rental pianos with which customers can freely think about where and how long they are using it. Upright and grand pianos are available.


Piano House will move and deliver your piano everywhere, from an island to another, or inside of a building or a room. ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING TAKING A PIANO BACK TO UNITED STATES, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PACKING. WE WOULD HAPPY TO HELP YOU.

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